Our Product

GADo is a generic MRI contrast agent that is projected to be the first of its kind on the market. Our product is a complete match to one of the most established brands that has been a leader in radiology for decades.

GADo Facts

High quality, generic duplicate of a leading
gadolinium-based MRI Contrast Agent

Trusted MRI contrast agent with
over 20 years of radiologist experience

patient safety profile

Proprietary manufacturing
innovation allows for reduced cost

World class, U.S. based
contract manufacturing

Safety at the Forefront

Through stringent adherence to FDA guidances & the highest manufacturing standards, Inventure has made safety and reliability top priority to bring radiologist a superior quality product. The branded version of the GADo molecule has demonstrated a strong safety profile, supported by data accumulated over decades of use and more than 30 million doses administered worldwide.

Achieving Low Cost

Inventure is committed to delivering unprecedented savings in medical imaging and bringing you the products you need. To deliver on this vision, Inventure has leveraged lean innovation to drive a proprietary manufacturing process with robust industry partnerships. Combined, these will allow us to price GADo at a substantially lower cost compared to other available MRI contrast agents.

Cumulative Savings, First Five Years

  • By starting with an established and proven drug molecule, hundreds of millions in research and development costs are bypassed, keeping GADo cost low.
  • Our innovative manufacturing process has reduced waste and introduced efficiencies that lower production costs.
  • Because GADo is a duplicate of the brand name agent, radiologists already know what it is and how to use it – so why reinvent the wheel? We bypass the sales and marketing expenses.
  • Our investor network serves as a strong and efficient avenue for introducing our product to the market, minimizing our sales and marketing spend, and allowing lower GADo cost.

The Value of Generics

Generic drug alternatives to branded products are used every day across medicine and trusted as a viable way to save money without sacrificing quality. Across medical specialties, generic drugs are generating enormous savings for healthcare institutions, doctors, and patients. In 2015 alone, generic medications accounted for a total of $227 billion in savings for the U.S. healthcare system, up from $150 just five years earlier.

What needs to happen to make these savings possible? Once the patent life of a novel branded pharmaceutical runs its course – and the pharmaceutical company has had its opportunity to capitalize on its novel introduction – an established regulatory system allows for the review and approval of safe and equivalent generic alternatives, from companies like Inventure. From there, the decision to choose to purchase and prescribe generics is in the hands of doctors. With growing cost pressures, particularly within the field of radiology, there is a strong incentive to adopt any solution that can strip out unneeded cost without compromising patient safety – and this is Inventure’s mission with GADo.

For the first time, a generic MRI contrast agent is coming to the radiology specialty. When you invest in GADo, you are helping to bring the cost saving opportunity of generics to your field.