Investor Inquiries

We thank you for your interest in Inventure. With our immediate financing requirements fulfilled, we are not currently taking new investments. However, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you, to discuss what we are doing and to explore the potential for future investment. Please fill out our contact form for more details.

Investor Benefits

When you invest in GADo, the first generic MRI contrast agent projected to launch on the market, you:

  • Generate savings for yourself and your colleagues by helping to bring the first generic agent to the market
  • Contribute to the field of radiology by making MRI procedures more accessible and affordable
  • Acquire equity in an emerging pharmaceutical company for high value dividend and liquidity potential
  • Get regular updates on GADo as we near product launch as a member of our investor community

How to Join the Team

Become an investor in five easy steps.

  • Fill out the contact form to get started.
  • We will reach out with a phone call so that we can start a conversation about investing and answer your questions.
  • To continue the discussion, the next step will be to meet in person.

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